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  1. Very interesting research. I assume you will also look at the digital divide. Since there are customary blockchains, as you mentioned, how will the use of blockchain technology impact communities. If some pastoralists not opt in to use the new technology, will their rights be impacted?

  2. I agree, very interesting research! I would encourage you to read about the pitfalls of formalisation prior to your research (I can suggest some literature that has been very useful to me, if you’d like), and also to try to situate the evaluation of the technology’s risks and potentials within the strategic needs of pastoralists themselves (e.g. to combat enclosures of the commons undermining their way of life, to secure strategic benefits from “development” projects, etc.). Otherwise, wish you the best of luck with your research!
    Laura German (

  3. This is a very innovative research idea as both Marco and Laura noted. Whilst this could be a useful tool, it is usually the differential power dynamics between pastoralists and those with vested interests in their land which matter. Maybe you could also watch Laura’s video as well.

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