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  1. Very interesting presentation. Why did ZAWA establish a community based program if they had not the interest of the communities in mind? Who authorize ZAWA to establish such a program, and why does it continue? Difficult issues, but your analysis demonstrates a common problem in many parts of the world where lip service is done on community participation, without real participation, and I wonder why it persists in this context.

  2. Exactly lip service for sure. Zambia Wildlife Act (ZAWA) clearly emphasises community particpation but this is not properly implemented in the GMAs

  3. An interesting presentation Inonge.

    What would be your recommendations on the devolution of powers to the communities?

    As part of your study, it would be interesting to interview ZAWA on their perception of the role of communities in wildlife management. Some wildlife managers in developing countries still have ‘fortress conservation’ ideologies.

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