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African Commons: A bibliometric analysis

Marco Janssen, Erin Epel

Arizona State University, USA

A bibliometric analysis is presented for 1750 journal articles on African commons. Using keywords and key publications we identified 2000+ articles in the Web of Science. After removing irrelevant publications, the dataset was used to study networks of publications, authors, and journals, and identify key publications in this body of literature.

Communs africains: Une analyse bibliométrique

Marco Janssen, Erin Epel

Université de l'État d'Arizona

Une analyse bibliométrique est présentée pour 1750 articles de revues sur les biens communs africains. À l’aide de mots clés et de publications clés, nous avons identifié plus de 2000 articles dans le Web of Science. Après avoir supprimé les publications non pertinentes, l’ensemble de données a été utilisé pour étudier des réseaux de publications, d’auteurs et de revues, et identifier les publications clés de cet ensemble de littérature.


4 Responses

  1. Dear Marco,

    This is very interesting and intriguing. Maybe doing similar studies over time might also help us understand how scholarship on the commons in Africa is changing. The IASC could also explore mechanisms of increasing scholarship on African commons. Maybe in association with IJC have a special issue on African Commons.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Dear Marco,

    Interesting analysis to inform the African commons scholarship.

    Everisto great possibility to have a special issue for African Commons on IJC.

  3. I hope this conference makes a little contribution and on the special issue I am sure IJC would welcome such a special issue. Michael Schoon, editor-in-chief of IJC, will be in the webinar on Monday July 27, so this could be a question for him :-).

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