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  1. This analysis of the relationship between CSR and commons, helps me view our case study in a new light (see presentation under Water Commons). First, we did not problematize the CSR history of the community irrigation scheme as it was not part of the main research question but we should have another look. Second, I missed the notion that old commons disappear where new ones are created. Indeed, the irrigated farm is placed on community land and in our research, we did not ask how the old commons were used and by whom … I hope you have a chance to check out our presentation and provide comments or ask critical questions.

  2. This great Tobias.

    One of the conclusions is that it is a drama, not a tragedy’. Could you explain this further? For those who have lost the use of their commons, and due to unequal power dynamics might not get it back it does seem like a sad drama – if indeed it is a drama to them.

    It would also be good if you could, based on your research, help to map out mechanisms to help communities engage neoliberal investments on terms favourable to the local communities.

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